I got my H1b Approved for Employer A and Client X in New York. But I travelled to US for Client Y in Florida (without any amendments/LCA to H1B). When I travelled to US, Employer gave me 2 LCA documents -> 1 for NEWYORK and the other for FLORIDA (Note: Both LCA Docs doesnít have my name in it - > Looks like a Generic LCA [Not specific to Employee]).
Now I got a job offer from Employer B in Texas.

Will there be any problem in my H1B transfer? Since the client and location mentioned in petition is different from Location and Client am working for.

Employer A has clearly mentioned in my petition that if they donít have Project in location mentioned in Petition (NewYork). Then they will post me in any other location. They also gave affirmation (to USCIS) that they will not place me in any location without a LCA and they will continue satisfying Wages requirement.

Is there a possibility that Employer got generic LCA (Not Employee specific) for all client locations and use it for any employees? Since Employer mentioned that he can utilize the employee in any location
with approved LCA (Generic LCA) and satisfying wage requirements?

Am totally confused with all these questions. It would be really helpful if you can help me with this.