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    Default Royal Galaxy Food Processing Company's job in canada is fraud or not????


    ** * *pl help immhelp forum members iam trying for canada workpermit visa last 5months every body giving **** offer letters and **** visas.

    Dear *Applicant,

    Thank you for your email respond, here is the details of the job in Canada and the process of securing the two year working permit visas to all our customers.
    The company, Royal Galaxy Food Processing Company which is located in Vancouver Canada,has a wide range of opportunities for interested candidates.
    These are the Packages from the Company. Paid airfares,Transportation, Quality single or family housing accommodation in company community, free medical care, Excellent educational assistance benefits, Life Insurance and Paid vacation and Maximum security in work environment and housing community. The company will give the applicants (employer) an accommodation that will last him for the period of two years in which their contract will last and its liable to renew it upon the company's agreement.
    The salary for all job categories is us$20. per hour and you will required to work for 8 hours per day and also there is a chance for overtime if you have the energy.
    There will be no interview since this is manpower job where everybody is fit to work as we are here to apply on your behalf and all these things will be taking care of by my company till your visa is granted.
    All international candidates are requested to sponsor their travel expenses excepting air ticket, which will be sent to you as soon as you confirm your visa within 24 hours and more-so all experiences will be reimbursed to you ,Two weeks you joined the company and other emolument for your up keep in the first month.

    Your two year working permit visa is $6000 usd, and my company does not accept any upfront fee except the recruitment and handling charge of $600usd Once your documents is received or once you landed and hand over your documents for the application till your visa is successfully granted and you will make the full payment and the the rest of the visa documents including your visa will be released to you then you will join the job site in Canada, Its on this note that we keep on maintaining as the leader in securing visas to our clients all over the world.
    The Company have the following vacancy:
    ** *
    ** *Computer Administration.
    ** *Company Security
    ** *Sales Representatives
    ** *Quality control Personnel
    ** *Construction/Engineering works
    ** *Fish Food packaging
    ** *Fish Food * branding * * * * * * * * * * * *
    ** *Electrical & Automated Technician
    ** *Plumbers
    ** *Health workers
    ** *Laborers
    ** *Chef
    We have only two ways of securing visas to our clients and its as follow:
    You are allowed to come to my country Accra-Ghana,West Africa once you get Ghana visa from your country *or I might give you cable to obtain visa on arrival for your visa application process (and you will only spend 7 working days here and fly from here to join the company in Canada .

    The second option is to courier your passport for the visa processing by DHL Courier service to my office address then I will receive it and apply for your two year working permit visa and once its stamped then i will send you the scan copy for you to make your full payment and after that then I will courier it back to your country and you will fly from your country to join the company.

    I hope to read from you again and please try to indicate the option that you will chose in securing your visa.

    Mr.Henry Osei
    Perfect Job Link Service
    Recruitment & Visa consultant Ltd.
    TEL: +233545042130

    2. *Dear ----------
    In the first place, I want you to understand that I am not a scammer and documents that I will send you are not ****.
    I want to make it clear to you that since visa stamping are not in Canadian embassy in India, it's not possible to send the documents to the Canadian embassy in India for confirmation.
    Again, understand that embassies confirmed any documents which they did not receive the copy as **** but it's not done to send documents that the visa will be stamp here to other embassy where the visa will not be stamp.
    If the visa stamping is in India and documents are present to the embassy here by candidate the embassy here will confirmed the documents ****.
    So know that it does only that embassy where the visa will be stamp and they receive copy of the documents from Canada is the only embassy will confirm the documents right or correct.
    Since the visa stamping is here, know that you will come down here because it's the embassy here, where the company in Canada will send copies of the documents from Canada.
    It will not be send to Canadian embassy in India because it's not where the visa will be stamp.
    If you are not comfortable with the conditions, I am sorry I cannot change it, the documents cannot be send to Canadian embassy in India.
    Check out the attachment it's the visa copy for the India and Nepal candidates who come down here and their visa is stamped successfully.
    It left for you to make up your mind to move forward or withdraw.
    Thanks and best regards,
    TEL: +228 -99683604.

    3.Attention Srinu,

    We acknowledged the receipt of your email and you are hereby notify that this company have the following vacancy for international workers who are ready and eligible to work in our reputable company Royal Galaxy food company located in Vancouver,Canada.

    Vacancies as follows;
    Fish Packing ,Fish Cutting , Fish Branding ,Company Security ,Office Cleaner,Laborers ,Lobsters , Drivers(h) Cook ,Construction/Engineering works and Computer Administration.

    Further, you are being referred to section 6 of same contract terms where it was clearly stated that you (employee) shall be provided with first class travel/business class. In that case, you shall be formally welcomed at the Vancouver Airport by our Recruiter and Local Representative Managers and finally proceed to the Head office of your future employer.
    Also note that the hard copy of your contract terms and agreement will be sent to your local representative office, for signing on your behalf, which will be sent to you through your local representative, along with the above listed documents.

    For you to receive your Employment Contract Letter Hard copy , You will be required to contact *our Local agent Mr. Henry Osei Of Perfect Job link Service Accra-Ghana whom we have legally authorized as our sole agent to recruit workers to work in our respected company... We have given him the Power of Attorney and Demand Letter for Employment to act on our behalf.

    Mr. Henry Osei Of Perfect Job link Service Accra-Ghana will be the one also to apply for your client's two year working permit visa and obtain it from his vicinity and return it to you and make sure that they board and join this company within 30 days of their successfully visa issuance.
    Contact our sole agent on below address to further your application and work permit process:
    Mr. Henry osei
    MD Perfect Job Link Service Ltd.
    Recruitment & Visa consultant.
    TEL: *+233 545042130
    Email: perfectjoblinkltd @ gmail.com
    No 55 Jerry Thompson Street,Accra-Ghana.

    what is real what is ****.....

    ** *my dream is work in canada

    ** so where i contact for genuine workpermit *pl give advise immigration board members * thanks in advance

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    Default Royal Galaxy Food Processing Company's job in canada is fraud or not????

    Hi friend
    Did you finally learned wether this was fraud or true???

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