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    Default Transit Visa thru Netherlands(Amsterdam)

    I am travelling from NewYork to Bombay via Amsterdam(4 hour stop).
    My H1 visa on the passport has expired, hence I would like to know
    if any transit visa is required..?

    Does any one has faced any problem travelling via Amsterdam.

    Any suggestion will be of great help.

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    You don't need transit visa for Amsterdum.
    But to make sure you can check consulate website.

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    I am also in same situation, my H1 visa on passport expired and I am going to get visa stampped in india. I am also going thru Amsterdam. Netherland Embassy website is not very helpful in finding out if we need transit visa in this situation. I appreciate if anyone who has gone thru similar situation let us know. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Transit visa thru Amsterdam - Netherlands

    I found the following information from their website at:


    Airport Transit VISA
    An Airport Transit visa is not required for Indian Passport holders.

    For other nationals who require an airport transit visa, the following documents need to be submitted:
    1. A valid visa for the country of destination (a photocopy of the visa should be attached);
    2. A confirmed ticket for the onward destination.
    An airport transit visa entitles the holder to enter the international transit area of the airport but not the territory of The Netherlands.

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    I checked with Netherlands consulate and for Indian passport holder No air transit visa is required.

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    Default jed via ams to isl

    I am travelling from Jed (Saudia Arabia) to Islamabad via Amsterdam (6 hour stop).
    I would like to know if any transit visa is required..?


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