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    omisn Guest

    Default Hong Kong: Phone # for interview dates?


    I turned in my Packet 3 in late July and am trying to find out if my interview has been scheduled for Oct. I called the number listed on the Consulate website but all I got was just automated information messages without any option to talk with a live person. Does anyone know if there is a specific number I can call to find out my interview date?

    I know I should be patient and wait till my Packet 4 comes but I am a bit anxious as it took almost 3 weeks for their last correspondence to reach my US address. I'm afraid there might not be enough time for me to meet the interview (medical exam takes 10 days) by the time I received the appointment letter. I'd appreciate if anyone could advice me on how to go about this, especially those who had CP experience with HK. Thanks.


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    myfw Guest

    Default Hong Kong: Phone # for interview dates?

    Call (852) 2523-9011 and try to talk to the operator.

    I sent my Packet III in the beginning of Aug and my interview was scheduled at the end of Oct. I found it out through the above number too.

    Good luck.

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    omisn Guest

    Default Hong Kong: Phone # for interview dates?

    Thanks, myfw. I spoke with the IV unit and they told me my interview would be on 10/30

    The first time I called, I spoke in Cantonsese and the operator was very rude and unfriendly - she just putr me on the automated info messages. Then I called the second time in English and got a totally different treatment. Even the person in the IV unit who answered my phone transferred me right away to his supervisor.

    No wonder there is a saying in HK: even the dog in the US Consulate barks louder Now I know, they don't barkon you if you speak English!!

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    bc1010 Guest


    I have a couple of questions, i will greatly appreciate if anybody in the forum can answer these question.

    1. On Sep 26,00 I140 approval.When I file the I140 that I have been requested to use CP consulate in my country(Hong Kong).

    2. When I will receive my packet 3?

    3. Now, I am working in CA. If I go back Hong Kong for CP interview. Do I need the police report in Hong Kong or in USA police report. I live in USA over 7 years(including my study and working period).

    4. Is Hong Kong can still process Attorney Certifed?
    5. When I have the CP interview in Hong Kong?

    Thanks in advance


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    andygrove Guest


    Hi there,
    Is there any reason why the medical exam takes 10 days? Does it depend on which dr. you go to? Please share your experience when you are finished with your interview.

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