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    applyac140 Guest

    Default MUMBAI PCC.

    Hi All,

    Does anyone ever got the PCC from Mumbai Police? There is lot of confusion about getting the PCC. The local police station do not have a process and the Police Head Quarters won't give the PCC. ( vaasila nor under-the-table does not work ! )

    After lot of sweating my friend got a letter from Police Head Quarters, saying that they are unable to give this certificate. (so that's a consolation! )

    So now the question is, is US Consulate strictly asking for the PCC or that is a requirement "official" that will "never" get implemented in India?

    RPO in Mumbai has become very efficient, my wife got her PCC in 1 day, I heard because they have upgraded the system (so that's a good news).

    Can we share the experience about PCC in this thread.

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    ykv Guest

    Default Mumbai PCC

    When i called up Mumbai consulate this week to get my (March) interview date, i specificaly asked them this question - I have been told by the answering person ....that for USA based people , the PCC obtained from consulate in usa will suffice.

    Hope this helps.

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    applyac140 Guest

    Default MUMBAI PCC

    Thanks ykv.

    My wife went to India in Jan for Vacation after 3 years, so she got the PCC from RPO mumbai. Now does she has to get the PCC from the Local Police also? or she is considered a US residence and RPO cert should be enough.

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    ykv Guest

    Default PCC


    As much as I understand , the equation is (RPO + Local PCC - for people residing in india at the time of sending packet 3 ) OR ( PCC from Consulate - for People residing in USA at the time of sending packet 3) .

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    vsshah Guest

    Default PCC for Mumbai Interview

    Mumbai embassy covers may be Gujarat and Maharashtra.

    I am principal applicant for GC.

    I have 3 different state's experience of getting PCC.

    1. Rajasthan.
    I tried for my wife. They asked for marriage certificate. then they issued.

    2. Gujarat.
    they asked for following things. In Gujarat it is strict.
    Passport photographs 2, Reason to take PCC, USA residence proof, Passport photocopy, Authority letter for person, who is taking PCC behalf of you.

    3. Maharasthra,
    They denied. One of my friend told me so. Who was principal applicant.

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    applyac140 Guest

    Default Mumbai PCC

    In Mumbai, Police H.Q have very strictly denying the PCC and asked the applicants go to the Passport Authority for PCC. Reasoning behind that as per them is that they can only give the PCC to the passport authority for passport.

    Some of my friends earlier could get a letter stating the reason but I am not sure if they still give them.

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    TarunRaje Guest

    Default PCC format


    Can you post the format of PCC that you obtained from police station.



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    vsshah Guest

    Default PCC from Ahmedabad.


    I sent papers to my brother(Ahmedabad) 3 days back. Once, he will proceed for that, may be in 3-4 days, I will come to know. How he gets.


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