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    Question Request extended I94 at port of entry?


    Need your expert advice and valuable suggestions in below scenario:

    My mother got her visitor visa(b2) for six months valid May'06 thru' Nov'06. Due to some reasons, her trip was delayed and now she will enter US on 31st Aug'06.

    - Is it advisable to request immigration officer (at port of entry) for extended I94 .i.e till Feb'07 or few months after expiry date 07 Nov'06. Since, she had not stayed for enter valid period of visa.

    -Secondly, i understood from different forums that visa date and I94 date is not linked; would it be helpful to request and get an extended I94 atleast couple of months, if not entire period of visa.

    - if not, then we have to follow the extension process immediately.

    Appreciate your valuable suggestion.
    Thank you,

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    Aug 2005


    She will be asked at entry how long she wants to stay.
    She should say 5-6 months and she will be given an I-94 with a 6 month
    stamp till feb 07. It does not matter if the expiry date on I-94 is beyond
    the vailidity of the visa.

    If she wants to stay more than 6 months , she should apply for
    extension in US in Jan 07.

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    Feb 2006


    I dont think extension will be approved in this case as the initial visa is valid from May'06 thru' Nov'06

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    Question Request for an extended i94 at the poe?


    My L2 visa expires in nov'12.

    My husbands L1 B expies in nov'12, but I-94 is valid until dec'13

    I am currently out of the US. When I re-enter the country, can I request the officer at the POE to issue an I-94 until dec'13

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    Thanks for information. I was searching for the same information.

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    Oct 2008


    Visa expiry has nothing to do with I-94 date.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.

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