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    tn2001 Guest

    Default Format for Police Clearance Certificate

    If anyone has obtained the PCC from Indian Police Authorities, can you post the format of it? Even though things are not clear, I think we should get one, just so that we can avoid unnecessary delays later.

    Here is the mail from my lawyer:
    ************Message starts here *************
    Applicants over age 16, whose passports were issued more than six months previous to visa application, must also obtain a police clearance from the
    District Police Office serving the applicant's place of residence.
    Indian passport holders applying for visas outside India should obtain a statement from their local embassy or consulate confirming they have no criminal record.
    John Nay, the supervisory Consul General in New Delhi, has stated that all Indian posts (except Calcutta, which only deals with orphans) are changing to the new policy effective February 1. Each post will update its own web site, and they are all including new instructions in their appointment letters. They are still working out some implementation details, so they ask for your patience and understanding, but desire to assure applicants that they will not be "unfairly wiped out on this."
    *********** Ends Here************

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    bignate Guest


    first remember this 1) If your passport is issued within 6 months, it is enough you getPCC from passport office for which you apply in misscellaneous form of passport office.
    2) If thr date of issue of passport is more than 6 months from the visa interview date, you have to obtain additional pcc.
    This you get from DY commissioner incharge of your area
    There is no format but he issues in his letterhead with your photo attested& reads as follows
    "So & So son of holding indianpassport No is a resident of
    is a indian citizen.He has no adverse police records
    as per our office records."
    I got it like this for my chennai cons interview.

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    Thanks a lot bignate; I didn't know about the photo part. Guess need to send photos over mail now.

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    tn2001 Guest

    Default Thanks

    My passport was issued in '92. Have no other option.
    Thanks once again,

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    mychiv Guest


    my CP may be sometime in March in Chennai. Is it sufficicnet for me to get CPP from Indian embassy in DC or do I still need to get

    i. PCC from local passport office in India
    ii. PCC from district police

    your answers helps me a lot

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    ykv Guest

    Default Re: PCC Draft

    Hi All:

    I am planning to use the PCC on their letterhead on the following lines - hope this helps.

    ------------------------------------------------------------ Office of the Inspector of Police
    XXX Police Station, XXX City, Pin code, State ,India


    We have received an application for Police Clearance Certificate from (Applicant’s name), an indian citizen and holder of passport number XXXXXXX, S/o (Applicant’s father’s name), (ex or current ) resident of (Residence address) that is under our police jurisdiction. He has requested this certificate for the purposes of application for United States Immigrant Visa.

    Based on the above information , we have conducted a search in our records and we certify that we do not have any record against the applicant.

    Police Clearance Certificate is hereby granted to (Applicant’s name) for the purposes of application for United States Immigrant Visa.



    Inspector of Police,
    XXX Police Station,
    City & Pin code

    Office Seal:


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    tn2001 Guest

    Default Re: Comment

    Thanks YKV,
    It seems they already have some format or other at Madras.

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    bignate Guest

    Default pcc format

    dont overdo things by presenting your own format to police.It may backfire.They have their own format & so just leave it to them.All that is reqd is one sentence
    " there is no adverse records of the applicant in their
    office records"

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    ykv Guest

    Default Re: pcc format

    I agree with you ...but my local PCC in India doest not have any format ...and most of the police stations , barring capital cities do not have any such format as i gathered from the similar posts..

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    tn2001 Guest

    Default mychiv:

    I think DC can issue within the time frame (before march) - you would have to ask them whether they could help. So far the posting seems to suggest that Consulate at SFO is fastest (at least I could speak to a person who had most of the answers).

    Getting the PCC from the Consulate would do; If you have given Indian address to receive pkt 4, then as a matter abundant caution, you could try for a certificate from Local Police Station.

    If at all you have to get it from DC, you better try talking to the Indira Johnson at (202-939-9867) or her supervisor at (202-939-9845) - very nice guy.
    There is some confusion about the money needed for the PCC. I was initally told to send just $20 for each petition; whereas they called me after they received the petition, and asked me to send $20 more. If you live close to the Embassy, go in person and get it clarified.
    They will not accept Personal Checks. Also, you need to fed-ex it.

    Hope this helps.

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