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    Question OCI for PIO card holder when both parents are Indian Citizens


    We are Indian Citizens by birth and hold Indian passports. Our 9 months old daughter is a US citizen by birth holding a US passport and PIO card. We are currently residing in Bangalore, India and want to apply OCI for her. We just want to ask, if she is eligible for OCI ?

    The confusion came because of Question 6 at http://mha.nic.in/oci/faqs.pdf : "Are minor children whose both parents are Indian citizens, eligible for OCI?"

    I guess its a printing/typing mistake. I read the OCI Info page at immihelp website also; but could not resolve this doubt. Hence request you to please clarify.

    Thank You Very Much,
    Warm Regards,
    Kaushal Agrawal.

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    Hello kaushaa,

    NO. According to the existing rules, minor children of Indian citizens are not eligible for OCI. They can get OCI on their own after they turn 18. The whole confusion is because Indian government and embassies did give OCI for minor children of Indian citizens for some time initially when the things were not clear. In fact, some of friends got OCI for their kids...they were just at the right place at the right time. Many others who applied after september '06 (I think), they started denying.

    However, I think only the Indian Consulate in Delhi can give you the best answer.

    Hope this helps.

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    So, we need to register our daughter with Foreign Registration office as on PIO card, her stay cannot exceed 180 days in a single visit in 15 years. But, what will happen after 15 years until she turns 18 ? How will she stay legally in India ?

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    Default simple

    Get the PIO card renewed before it gets expired. I think there will be some rule like...you should apply for renewal before 6 months of expiry date or something like that...not sure...but it will be something similar to the Passport renewal.

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    For PIO card holders, I think schools will consider the child as NRI and charge NRI fees. And, it will be too high. Am I right? I thought OCI is a good option to avoid this; but in vain now.. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

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    As far as the fees are concerned, both OCI and PIO holders will have to pay higher NRI fees. There is no difference.

    Read http://www.immihelp.com/nri/pio-vs-oci.html to compare OCI vs PIO in detail.
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    Unhappy school fees for PIO Card holder

    dear immihelp, Some of the forums on internet mentions that PIO card holders in bangalore and other metro get charged same fees as normal indian kids. we are in US and i have a USC kid. we are planning to go back to india as a long term plan. will we be charged fees as par with NRI ? will my kid get admitted in central govt. schools of india ? if not , i guess we have done a mistake in getting our kid here.

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    Well, that may have happened because people at school may not know all the rules.

    If it happens to you, good for you.
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    At elementary school level, all the kids are treated same. There is no problem. There are lot of kids who were born in US and residing in India and going to school.

    It may be possible that for higher education, colleges may charge more fees for the children with foreign citizenship.
    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, just sharing my point of view.

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