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    Default Form I-485 part 3 nonimmigrant visa number ?

    Hi, i have a question on form I-485 part 3 it asks for nonimmigrant visa number i have a b1/b2 visa, but there is too many numbers on card, does anyone know which number i use or how to look it up

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    Default ok

    The red number on your visa at the bottom right is the number you should put, i had a b2 visa as well and just filed my aos on monday.I hope that helped

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    Default I have the same Q

    well i dont have red...LOL coz i have copies of my B1/B2 visa....so is visa number is the control number or wat??
    plz guide me

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    Default Visa Number

    If all you have is a copy, it will be the 6-8 digit number on the lower right hand quadrant of the visa. The visa number is NOT the control number. If you have a black and white photocopy, the red ink may show up as a lighter shade of grey.

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    Default looking for jobs in u.s.a

    This is Guru, from India
    I m not Well Qualified but I have 3 to 4 Experenice in Shipping Fields,
    Right now I would like to search a jobs in u,s.a
    Please any one advise me,
    1.)how to find a jobs ?
    2.) How to get a Visa ?
    3.) What visa terms is Suitable for me ?
    4.) Period time Visa ?
    5.) What type job I get ?
    6.) How to act a Embassy ?
    7.) After reached U,S,A, my accomdation planning ?
    8,) How much Expenses for visa process ?
    9.) How much expenses for all process ?

    Please anyone reply for my request
    Thanking you in advance

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