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    Question Need Help to reschedule H4 visa interview

    As said by many users, i have tried rescheduling the interview. But i could not see any available dates in the month of April as said by many users.

    Could u guys please guide me how u guys have done that? i have tried refreshing the page and also moving to and fro with the calendar too...i have done this entire thing from Reschedule/Cancel page.

    Is there ne other way to do this?
    Do i have to cancel earlier appiointment to see earlier dates?

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    Hi Khushi,

    Yes you will be eligible to apply for H1 once you have 16 years of education. Een if you have any experience in same field, every 2 years of experince is counted as one yaer of education. Learning any associate degree course in US itself will help you a lot in getting proper education evalution.


    Quote Originally Posted by khushi
    Hello Everybody,
    I am on H4 staying with my husband in US.I have done B.SC Computers but as it completes 15 years of education i.e. (12years+3 years of B.Sc.) ,I am not eligible for H1.But I am thinking to take 1 year course in USA which is some Associate degree course.I want to check with you that whether it will make me eligible for H1?
    Please feel free to contact sakshi13884@yahoo.co.in

    Thank you

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    Thumbs up hi

    ya the property details are needed to be shown...they colect the information to know whether u r having a good amount of money with u or not...they have their own fears u know....

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    Default hi

    hi everyone
    i have a doubt...my husband will be geting his L1 soon...so is it that i have to apply L2 seperately or the company will sponser or it comes automatically for the spouse??
    please help...

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    Default H1 and L1 visa

    I have applied for normal Regular L1 visa in Jan 2006. It was filed on March 1st 2006 with USCIS. As the rejection is more for RL1 and the H1B cap may get over soon, my manager told me to apply for H1B and I have applied for the same. I would like to know whether it is mandatory to cancel the RL1 petition before filing H1B.


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    Default Under Adminisration Processing

    ******PLEASE HELP ME******could any one help about my application, i attended H1b visa in belfast 15months back fom there i didnt get any response from Embassy and when ever i call them they say the same word UNDER ADNISTRATION PROCESSING, so i planed to with draw my application from embassy and want to apply in India Bombay.
    Could any one give suggession about my problem. and what are all i need to attend for visa...
    ******PLEASE HELP ME******

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    Unhappy H4 221(g) query

    ******PLEASE HELP ME******
    My wife went for H4 visa stamping to Chennai consulate they raised a 221g query. VO has asked for my bank statement from time I came to US.

    I came to US in May last year on B1 visa and then converted to H1B in US. During the 6 month period ( on B1) my employer was paying me per-dime expense by personal checks. Which is part of my bank statement, Now I am confused sharing my bank statement from beginning should not create more complication for H4 visa.

    Please advise how should I respond to this query?
    ******PLEASE HELP ME******

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    Default Please clarify my doubt regarding Experience details during H1B Interview in india


    I am a Telecom QA engineer working in India. I have 3 years of exp and have the documents for the proof. I am working in the biggest IT company in India. My company is filing for my H1B visa from India. I had worked for some local company for 9 months at the begining of my career and had included that in my experience. I do not have any proof for that. I am not sure whether my company had included that during filing my visa. I want to know whether those details would be mentioned in the petition. But the DS157 is asking the details only about the previous 2 employers. please let me know how I can tackle the situation. My present and the previous employers are well known companies and I have the documents needed. I am not even sure if the small company i worked first still exists.

    I shall be thankful to you if you can guide me based on your previous experience.

    please guide me in this regard.

    My email address is glibthinker@hotmail.com.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Default H4 visa for my son

    I came to the USA under F1 visa and got H1 visa now.I still didn't get stamping for H1 in my visa.Can I apply for H4 visa for my son.

    How much income do I need to show ? please let me know

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    Default Help please

    I am under H4 visa status, because my wife is working here in the US. I want to do research without salary, because I know I can't work and be paid. But to get me registered in the University system I need a temporary SSN, now I can't do anything because without been register in the system I can't help in the research field and I 'm going to loose this opportunity. What can I do?????????

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