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    Default Can children of B1 visa holders attend school?

    When in US on a B1 visa with a child of school going age, is it possible to enroll them for the short duration that we are there? Is this violation of visa status? Pl. enlighten me as otherwise, an entire school year may have to be repeated once in India.

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    No. You can not enroll your kids in public schools.

    You may be able to do so in private schools, where you and only you (not US tax payers) pay for the tuition and education.

    I'd be careful here though, because your B1 is for you to visit the USA temporarily for business, not to live in the USA for such long time that requires your children to have to study here.
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    Default Thank you,

    This information is very good. We are going to be there for a very short duration. However, 3 months of time is still too long for a child to remain at home. If I approach a private school, I want to make sure that it is completely okay to enroll. Is there any sure way to know? Thank you for your help.

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