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    Default Canadian citizenship through marriage to a Canadian

    I am a U.S. citizen and married to a Canadian citizen. Were currently leaving in U.S., but are about to move to Canada. How can I obtain a Canadian permanent residency or citizenship in Canada? Do I need to apply for a visa first or can I enter Canada as a U.S. citizen and just stay working on my resident status/citizenship? What are the requirements for getting a resident status/citizenship: forms, documents, proofs of residency, bank statements or utility bills? Do I even need a get a permanent resident status first or just to apply for a citizenship?

    I apologize if my questions are nave or obvious.

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    You can do either one. However, you run the risk of two things: If you file while you are in Canada then you may not be able to leave. If you leave before you are granted your permanent residency, the Canadian Immigrations may dismiss your case. Also, if you file in the US, you may not be able to cross into Canada because border patrol may think you are moving there.

    If you call Canadian Immigrations they will send you a big thick packet full of all the forms you need to immigrate. The forms will include both sets of forms for immigrating while in Canada or while in US. I have called many times with all sorts of questions and most of the time the answers are consistant and the officers are very friendly.

    I believe you cannot get Canadian citizenship without giving up your US citizenship, so PR is all you can get if you still want to be a US citizen

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Default please answer my question

    i am egyptian and i am going to marry a canadian is this can give me the citizenship or what it will give me?,and what is the best way for that?, and what is the steps for that ,please answer my questions

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    Default Citi

    You can't keep US and Canadian Citizenship same time.

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    Default dual citizenship

    Quote Originally Posted by zimic
    You can't keep US and Canadian Citizenship same time.
    i dont know where you get the information from but it is wrong!
    read this


    canada and USA allows people have dual citizenship for long time!

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