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    Question Parents and brothers tourist visa rejected once - inviting for graduation


    I am a green card holder and full time MBA student in Irvine, California and I am graduating in June 2008. My husband (US citizen) works as software engineer. I invited (for graduation ceremony) my parents and brother (he is MBA degree holder with good job in Mumbai, not married, 26 years old). My father is businessman and mother is house wife. My husband sent the sponsor documents for all three of them. Their visa got rejected first time in February 2008.

    All three of them went for the interview together. The visa officer started with asking questions to my brother. He was asked to show letter from my school showing the proof of graduation. Unfortunately, we did not have that. Somehow I missed sending the letter. Then he was asked what am I going to do after graduation. My brother told the truth that I have a job lined up. The visa officer asked him what my brother does. My brother told about his job and started showing the salary stub to show his salary. The visa officer refused to see that. Then the visa officer asked my father about his business. my father described what he does and started showing the proof of property, etc. but he refused to see that. He did not ask anything to my mother. Their visa was rejected.

    My brother thinks that the visa was rejected for the following reason:

    1) All 3 of them applied together so they didn't have anything that would bring them back to India
    2) No proof of my graduation ceremony
    3) Since, I and my husband, both will be working, we can support all of 3 of them in USA permanently or for long time.

    The visa officer did not say anything explictly but these are my brother's assumption.

    I really want my parents to be here for my graduation ceremony so we are applying for the visa again. Their next interview is on March 31st. This time, obviously, they will have the letter from my school as a proof of my graduation. Also, my brother is not reapplying so they can demonstarte that they have a reason to go back.

    In any case, my parents and brother are planning to come to just visit me, they have no intention of staying back in US.

    Is there anything else I should do differently this time to ensure that atleast my parents get the visa?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Two most important reasons for denial;

    *CASUAL PURPOSE OF TRIP FOR BROTHER;your brother applying with a very casual purpose of visit (graduation). It makes very good sense for your parents to go for your graduation ceremony but not for your brother who is fresh in his important career and is not expected to take time out for such ceremonies. On top of that he is single and young, so he arouses suspicion of immigrant intent. No offence, but his applying also killed your parents' chances.

    *Second very imp reason is you guys sending financial support documents.
    Your dad being a business man and your bro being an MBA should have shown self financing. Self financing the trip is an important factor favouring
    a positive outcome. It shows strong financial ties to India.

    Your parents applying without your brother is fine. It would even be better
    if your mother applied alone. But now that you have already
    taken an appointment, let them give it a try.

    *Let them show self financing. If asked why you did not show self financing
    last time, they can say they did not know it was possible.
    *Let them tell the officer, the last time they were probably refused
    because they did not show a graduation letter.
    *They may ask why your bro is not going, they can say he has been assigned work by his company during those days, so he cannot go.

    Your brother; Being an MBA and working with a good company,
    he should be able to get a chance to go on a business trip on behalf of his company. That is his best bet.
    Last edited by peace; 03-16-2008 at 03:26 AM.

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    Thank you for your advice.

    I don't think graduation is that casual. It is very important moment of my life and I want my whole family to be with me. And people take a leave of 2-3 weeks every year even if they are working for the most crucial job. My brother was planning to come only for 2-3 weeks.

    Anyway, I understand that you are just giving your opinion and that it is not your fault that they were denied visa. But I want to point out if that is one of reasons they did not grant them visa then their assumptions are definitely flawed. I know nothing we can change but it feels good to point it out.

    The reason we sent the sponsorship documents are becasue even though my brother has a good job, he has been in the job only for few years so he did not enough current account bank balance.

    Same thing with my father, he has properties and investments but not enough current account bank balance to sponsor the trip for 3 people. Another reason was that we were not sure how much balance would be enough. So to err on safer side, we decided to send the sponsorship documents.

    I don't want my parents to lie in the visa interview. I don't think they will be comfortable doing that. They knew that self financing was possible but we chose another option for a reason.

    Do you think they should still go for self financing option? If yes, approximately how much current account balance should be good enough for 2 people? They are going to live at our house so just plane ticket or more than that?

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    Please read what I wrote carefully. I meant casual purpose for your brother.
    I never said it was a casual event in your life.
    Who would fly 14000 miles to attend a sibling's graduation ceremony.
    I remember I never attended my sister's graduation in India due to busy schedule , we both being in Delhi.

    Visitor visa is not easy to get. You have to understand what the officers are looking for . They presume everyone to be a potential immigrant and they are looking for indicators that would point to their assumption or otherwise. In your brother's case, they thought he did not override the potential immigrant assumption because his purpose of visit did not fit his situation.

    Self financing requires good income not just bank balances.
    If they can show a good business balance sheet showing a very good turnover and a good tax return showing Rs 10 lacs/yr income,
    they won't need to show bank balances.

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    Default freshly graduated student looking for visitor visa

    Hi guys,

    I am a fresh graduate of IT engineering and i am placed in wipro and i am planning to visit my bro in the USA .....i heard they reject the visa papers of guys in my condition.......what should i do in getting visa........pls help me

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