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    Default how long to get visa after interview

    Hi All,

    I would like to know how long does it take to get my visa after my interview. My appointment date is on May 27 for IR-1 petition from my US Citizen Spouse. Please let me know how long for me to wait to get it? So I can book a flight as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much for everyone who will read and answer my question.

    Good Luck to all!!

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    It used to be that beneficiary received visa a day after the interview. Then it was up to 3 days. Then up to 10 days. Now, some are told a month or so after an administrative review. It's unclear whether it's some inter-consulate review because USCIS administrative reviews take well over a year, or they just tell a shorter time to avoid a face to face cofrontation.

    Presently, it seems, once an approved petition leaves the USCIS and enters the USDOS, there are no rules to the game. Rules are made up as the game is played. That is, if there was ever a standard operating procedure among consulates to begin with. The closest you can get to a "best guess" would be if you call the consulate and ask them this question.
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    Wink a question for baberick

    hey when did u apply for ur visa & did u get I 129f approved & if yes how long does it take to approved it thanks
    i really do need this answers plzzz
    Good luck

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    Default K3 Visa

    well, i had the interview this week, and the lady there told me that my "case" need more administrative processing, and they will contact me in 1 to 2 weeks,
    i am confused too
    but my wife called them , and sent a fax asking for explanation, cause normally they give u the visa in the next day after interview,
    a guy told me it could be more than just 1 or two weeks,
    i think they r affriad of "facked mariages, and they have the right in that, just not to tell people we"ll call u in 2 weeks then it becomes 2 years, because we marry to be with our partner,so i prefer either a "yes" or No" so i would have to decide and not to be far from my wife anymore.
    plz if u have any information, do not hesitate to contact me
    thank u

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    Default aftr intrview

    no one can tell how long it takes to get the visa after the interview,just wait, cause no one has the answer, u need to know someone who got the visa "k3" , he/she is the only one who can tell u,
    because it's my case too,i have been in the consulat last week, so i am back to my work waiting for them to contact IN CASE THE WANT.

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    Default allo les marocains

    j'aimerais bien savoir si un marocain a ete au consulat americain pour "mariage visa" et comment s'etait passť l'interview, et combien de temps a pris l'attente du visa apres l'interview.
    merci becaucoup
    abdellah de ouarzazate

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    Default k-3 visas

    can anyone tell me if only the spouse can go to the office and apply for K-3 visa if i m not there. and plz let me know when did u apply for k-3 visas.

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    Jan 2008


    Only a U.S. citizen can apply for their spouse . If the petitioner "U.S. citizen" is in the U.S. they apply in the U.S. ,now if your spouse is living over seas with you, you can both go to U.S. embassy of where your living overseas and apply there.That takes much less time.

    Read up on K3 visas, there is a lot of good information there. Also read up on the U.S. embassy where your spouse is at, it should also have informtaion of applying for K3 visa while your both living overseas.
    Good luck and be patient, this process does not hapen overnight or much less in a few weeks.

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    Default it depends...

    it depends on how you did in the interview and on the visa you are applying.For k visas normally it takes 2days or a week the most as long as you provide everything that there's a relationship existed they need a proof but when you guys just meet on the internet and just for a short time yeah they really have to investigate so it takes a while.Also for the IR they are very meticulous on giving that kind of visa they make sure that you will not work in the U.S and that you will not use their citizen for the sake of green card.usually the time you have to wait for IR is a month or more so the petitioner need to do is follow up after the interview they need to give a lot of call at washington 'coz there are cases too that they will just loose your paper.K-3 is just like k-1 visa except that they are married to the citizen and their visa is longer than the k-1 plus you need to get married and adjust status within 90 days if you want hussle free apply the I-130 it may takes a while but it's worth it!no need to AOS and spend alot more money.

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    Default spouse visa

    hello sir/madam
    i applied for husband permanent immigrant (canada) on aug 2011 , every thing is done new delhi immigration send us email for interview ,, how long it takes after interview to get visa ..
    with regard

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