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    Default LG LCD TV under 50 lbs with 100 - 240v for $ 749

    Quote Originally Posted by ameryki View Post
    Sendil I have looked through all the LG tv's being sold by frys don't see any that show Pal compatible?

    Hope this helped

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    Default LCD TV 42" in Under 50 lbs - LG with 100-240v

    Quote Originally Posted by txh1b View Post
    I wonder which LCD/Plasma TV 42" or above is under 50 lbs with the box on? The box size would definitely exceed the airline check in total length requirements. Don't forget. Customs is based on the value of the item as per their list. If you buy a TV on sale for $500 and the cost of the item is RS 50,000, the tax will be based on the 50,000 Rs.

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    Default Taking a US TV to INdia

    I took a Samsung LED TV to India as recently as December 2010 and let me tell you it made financial sense to me.
    Good: Cost of Samsung LED 46" - $1050 + $140 for Booking it as a Luggage in Emirates = $1190 + Under Table at airport $25 = $1215 (about 51,000 INR)

    Bad: You need a converter in India. US TVs work on NTSC signal mode while Asian TVs work on PAL signal mode. So in most cases (unless you TV has both NTSC & PAL Mode - which you can find out by going into the Menu Mode or reading the manual) you will have to buy a Signal Converter which are available from $25 to $150 on numerous web sites like Amazon, e Bay etc.. (remember more money is no assurance of a great product - so a 40$ deal should be good enough).

    So finally your cost works out to around $1250 (about 57000 INR) which I thought is a great deal (considering the Indian price of 85000 for the same model). The things that get irritating are 1. you might have a few wires visible around your TV (if you dont conceal them properly) and 2. You need a cable TV guy / TV Mechanic in India to plug in your wires correctly (if you are not a techy).

    Though you dont get HD Signals in India (only a few channels are HD there) you still can walk away with the high feeling of having an LED TV for a great price. The same is valid for LCD TVs also.

    Always remember to change the original packing of the TV and move it into a similar box available in UHaul for 4 or 5 bucks (Cut the thermocol if required). This will help you in transporting (Less cost) and avoid the prying eyes of customs officers... say its a used tv.

    Hope this was helpful... reach me on winay75@yahoo.com for more help.

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    I am thinking of doing the same. I did a search in the net for some information and i was amazed by the amount of redundant and trivial information rather than some useful information.

    Trivial = 220v, multi system
    Useful info = very rare .

    I see that someone here has done it at a good price point. I am seeing that good TV's like Sharp Quattron 40 inch(sharp makes the finest LCD's btw) are priced at Rs 1,20,000 in India. Thats almost US $2700.00

    Do all airlines charge the same fees based on volume and weight or does it differ? Do customs people in india really go by the book when they see a TV or do they haggle and let you pass for a *fee*?

    And for those worried about 220v or Pal/NTSC confusion a site here in the US sells multi system TV's.

    Last edited by krravi; 04-20-2011 at 03:02 PM. Reason: Additional info

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    hello, if any one can help me out...........
    i wish to bring an 50 inch plasma to india from uk by air india can any one tell me how much will i be charged to bring it as a special luggage?

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    Default Taking used LED TV to India

    I am having 3 yrs old 46 inch used LED TV. I am planning to check-in along with the baggage (pay extra cost). Do I still need to pay custom duty for this used TV? I can show the receipt for proof. Also I see that this TV is not in production now.

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    Cool Taking LED TV to India

    Quote Originally Posted by saravana24babu View Post
    I am having 3 yrs old 46 inch used LED TV. I am planning to check-in along with the baggage (pay extra cost). Do I still need to pay custom duty for this used TV? I can show the receipt for proof. Also I see that this TV is not in production now.

    You will have to pay custom duty in India. Custom officers have a chart and they will charge you based on how old your TV is. You will be charged 10-15% of the purchase price. Since you have the original receipt, you will be charged on the price in receipt.
    You should calculate the total cost of your TV i.e. [Purchase Price+baggage charge+Custom] and decide based on that if you are saving a significant amount of money by taking the TV to India. I, personally took a 55" UHD 4K TV to India and after all the charges, I saved a lot as compared to the same TV price in India.

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