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    Default help! how to fill in the I-140 part6

    sorry to bother everyone.

    i am a F1 PhD student.

    i want to apply NIW.

    however, i found a problem about the I-140 part 6.

    part 6 is about basic information about the proposed employment.

    since i am F1 student. i am not in work. i get fellowship from University and not work as TA/RA.

    thus, hwo to fill in this part? can i leave the part 6 of I-140 as blank?

    thank you very much.

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    Jun 2007


    Just a suggestion....

    If I were you, I would hire an attorney to file an NIW I-140. I wouldn't do it myself as an experienced attorney knows the intricacies better than forum members/you do. I mean RFE's are best answered by them as they would have done it many times and they know the language.

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    With all due respect, NIW is not an easy subject and is better handled by an attorney. Qualifying for NIW requires a lot of intricate details and the right wording to be used and is best left to the professionals.

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