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    Default Working on L2 without L1


    I am working in the US currently on an L2 visa with a EAD. My husband, ofcourse has his L1.

    My husband could have to go back to India since his assignment is getting over. My question is, can I continue to work here on L2 for another couple of months after my husband goes back? This is because, I have a commitment to my current assignment and wish to fulfill that before going back.
    Will I have any problems in working here without the presence of my husband?

    Note that my husbands L1 is valid for one more year.

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    No, it is not possible. If the L1 holder is out of the assignment and is not getting paid, the validity of the petition has got nothing to do with the status. L1 status is maintained only if the person is getting paid and is working in the US for the company.

    No L1 status means the L2/EAD is automatically invalid irrespective of its end date.

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    Your husband can ask for project shift from his employer so both can stay back.
    (provided employer already has projects going on)

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