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    Question F1 visa - second interview documents


    My son has got his I-20 form and applied for a visa which was denied on the basis of Section 214(b). He did not explain properly his reasons for returning and got nervous. The VO then just walked out and returned with this slip. He is got a second interview date. Please let us know what documentation he need to take.
    We have our own business and are funding his studies completely in the US.
    We do not have any property here in dubai but in india we do, property deeds are in india and not with us at the moment. We have our trade licences.
    I have got him recommendation letter from a company where he did an internship for 2 months with a promise of a job on his return after graduation.
    We have lived here in dubai for the last 22 years and intend to remain here.
    please suggest what documents and questions he might be asked.
    I would appreciate a quick response so that I can prepare any other documents required for his interview this week.

    A very concerned mom

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    Documentation is the same as in the first attempt. Ask him to be composed during the interview and to be a vocal on his own as to why he will return to his home country after done with education in US. A job offer from a company may help, but it does not make sense for a company to offer a job that he will take up 2 or more years later.

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    Post Second interview questions

    Thanks for your reply, Any suggestions on questions that might be asked during the second interview.


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    Same as in first.

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