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    Question AOS for Parent- interview questions?

    My mother has received a notice to appear for an interview (I-485). Couple of questions-
    Is this a formality or are they going to be serious? Any ideas what they may want to interview her about?
    I was planning to go with her as a translator. However another thread in the forum noted that in his case the interview was aborted because petitioner cannot be translator (I am the petitioner). Anyone else have such an experience?

    Thanks for your time.

    Applied for AOS for my mother (california)- Feb-6-2008
    Fingerprinting- March-11-2008
    Requested additional documents (proof of date of birth for mom and proof of relationship)- March-2008
    Mailed additional documents- May-7-2008
    Interview letter- Aug-1-2008
    Interview scheduled for - Sep-4-2008

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    Feb 2008


    Of course the interview is a serious matter! She should be prepared to answer any and all of the questions truthfully and completely.

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    Default Interview

    Thank you for your response.

    Of course, I know any interaction with the USCIS is serious. And it goes without saying that one needs to be truthful and be prepared to answer their questions. The point of my query was to find out 1) What kind of questions have people encountered during the interview 2) Is it acceptable to have the petitioner as the translator.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Default hi

    i will planing to applay my parents GC, when they are here on B2. I think you have same case. can you share your experiance with me please...

    can we put interpretor in GC interview? because my parents don't know english.

    waiting for replay,
    advance thanks,

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    Post Interview Info

    An interpreter is REQUIRED. The interview letter states that an interpreter is allowed if the applicant is not fluent in english.

    I spoke to a friend whose parents were also called for the interview. It appears that in his case, the interviewing officer required that he (the sponsorer) be present during the interview. Since his wife had originally accompanied the parents to the interview, the officer asked her to call her husband (my friend) and asked him to come before proceeding with the interview. They had to wait for him to arrive.
    My friend said that it was more of a interview for him than his parents. They wanted to make sure he is legal and that his finances were ok and that he could support them and that the parents were also legal.

    All in all, he said it was a pleasant experience. This is in San Jose.

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    Default hi

    hi webzoo

    your mom interview is done? i want to know what type of question they ask in GC interview? can you share yr Exp. with me plz...?

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