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    Default Removing spouse name from the passport


    I had divorce an year ago.

    1. Is it possible to remove my spouse name from passport after a divorce?
    The guy whom I was married to never came to US.In fact I came here after the divorce.

    2. If its possible to remove,What are the necessary documents to be submitted to Indian Embassy?

    3. I would be leaving to India in next few months for visit.Is it advised to do the changes in India or is it ok to apply for a changes here?

    4. Do I have to apply for a new passport or changes can be done in the existing passport ?I have my H1b valid till oct,2009. Do I have to re-apply in the new passport if I have to apply for one or the existing one will be transferred to that ?

    Please advice.

    I tried looking in couple of forums. But no luck.

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    You can remove your ex-husband's name from the passport, either in the US or in India.

    Read http://www.immihelp.com/nri/indianpassport/
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