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    Default No objection certificate for Government employees

    My brother is an employee of state Government. When my brother applied for 'No objection letter for obtaining Indian passport, his authorities have issued him a letter saying that he can obtain passport and they don't have any objections. At the same time in the letter they also mentioned that my brother has to get another NOC before leaving the contry by submitting 1) Copy of passport 2) Copy of Visa Approval 3) Air Ticket 4) Sponsorship documents 5) Leave sancation letter.

    From the above details what I understand it that he cannot get another NOC unless he submits the visa copy.

    Any suggestions on it?

    I suggested my brother to show the same document and explain the same to VO if he asks for NOC. However my brother has no issues in obtaining the Leave approval letter

    Any suggestions / thoughts / comments on this issue?

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    I am not sure why they are asking visa copy before giving leave approval letter or no objection letter.

    Generally, you need to get that before getting visa.
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    There is no problem in giving the leave approval letter. But the letter does not say any thing about traveling abroad. It just says that leave for 2 weeks starting from (start date) has been sanctioned.

    The problem is for giving noobjection certificate for Going out of country.

    So, my brother has the following

    1) No objection to obtain Indian passport. This letter states that the Department has no objection for obtaining passport with the following conditions
    - The copy of the passport should be submitted
    - The emplyee has to obtain another NOC before leaving the country by submitting the visa copy and sponsorship copies.
    2) Leave approval letter.
    - This letter says that leave for 2 weeks has been granted.

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