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    Default Visitor Visa for my Aunt

    I am desperately trying to bring my Aunt over here for few months to visit this country. I am a Greencard holder and living in this country for 8 yrs. My I haven't sponsored anybody so far except my Mom. What can I write in invitation letter ? What are the chances she will get the visa? Has anyone tried for Visitor Visa for Aunt or Friend ? I would greatly appreciate your responce. Thanks for reading!!

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    It is certainly possible for her to get the visa. Being "desperate" does nothing to aid in your aunt getting a visa; it will work against her as it will make your aunt nervous. It is important for her to be confident and be able to speak honestly and sincerely to the VO about wanting to visit you and then return home.

    You certainly should send a letter of invitation to her and provide the affidavit of support. You letter of invitation does not have to be elaborate or long; there are samples on the various forums. You might want to include what you plan to so while she is here or mention the date of any special event you want her to participate in. (For example, you might want her to experience a traditional American Thanksgiving or attend a birthday party or wedding.)

    Your most important help will be to assist her in defining her ties to her home country so that she can convey these to the VO in the short time alloted for her interview. Look through the forum for suggestions of things that might apply to her situation to assist in making this list.
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