I am on L1 Blanket visa working in US since 2006.
My 3 years L1 visa expires on 27th Feb 2009 & the same date was mentioned on my I-94 card.
I recently visited india in May 2008 for a month, when I returned to US in June 2008 & did my immigration in New York, my new I-94 as well as my spouse's I-94 was stamped with a validity date of June 2011 even though my L1 visa expires on 27th Feb2009.

I have the following questions :
1. I am legal to stay in USA till June 2009 without applying for my L1 visa extension.
2. My drivers license expires on 27th Feb 2009, will I be able to renew my drivers license showing my I-94 card which is valid till June 2011.
3. We are expecting a child in April 2009, will there be any problems to get a US passport/SSN number/US Birth certificate for my child ? Can I get these documents for my child based my I-94 ?

4.I am planning to get my Parents to US in April 2009, can they apply for US Visitor visa in India based on my I-94 which is valid till June 2009 ?

Please respond asap.