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    Default Share Samples Letters of Recomm for MBA

    Hi everyone,

    Please share samples letters of recommendations for MBA. if you have any link and if you can share, that would be really great.

    Kapil Patel

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    Feb 2008


    Your question looks like you intend to falsify your credentials.

    Any compentent university faculty member or business person in a position of responsibility has writen enough of these that there is no need for a sample.

    Fraud can get you kicked out of school faster than you can spell it.

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    Jul 2006
    United States

    Default Aah! Ouch!

    Doing MBA and not know how to write a letter?

    Good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowledgeable View Post
    Doing MBA and not know how to write a letter?

    Good one!
    Laughs out loud

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    Post University Assignment Format

    You can download recommendation letter format doc format

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    Oh, Thank you a lot for these samples. They helped me a lot

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    Adjusting from H1-b, married to USC, Philadelphia, PA

    12/19/17: App sent
    12/27/17: App Received
    1/8/18: Notification of Acceptance via email and Text Message
    1/12/18: 3 letters of the receipt in mail
    1/20/18: Letter for Biometric Appointment in mail
    2/02/18: Biometric Appointment
    2/8/18: Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview.
    5/16/18: New Card Is Being Produced
    5/26/18: Received EAD card
    12/20/18: Interview scheduled.
    1/24/19: Interview completer; approved on the spot

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