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    Default Immigration question: Removing restrictions from conditional green card

    I moved to US in 2007, after my marraige with my wife who is a US citizen. Things didn't workout as we both planed and she decided that she can use my conditional residency against me, such as threatning me about it every now and then, demanding money etc. And, I recorded one such conversation on phone where she said that If i didn't give her $30,000.. She'll have me deported back.. and things kept on getting worst and wrorst.. I checked her facebook once and she was giving her number out to other men, telling them she was single, while she was married to me.

    Anyway, my question is my temporary green card expires in few months and we're still not legally divorced. What should I do? I doubt that divorce will be finalized on time. I might be already too late. Can I request some extension while the divorce case is in court? If so, how do I do that?
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    Get an immigration lawyer and a divorce/family law lawyer.
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    I don't think that there is anything you can do. You are 'technically' not an immediate relative anymore, and you need your wife (the petitioner) to petition for you (the beneficiary) - like you did when you first married.

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    Don't worry, if all the things that you mentioned are correct, then you can still remove conditions on your green card based on abuse by your US citizen spouse. because your spouse is trying to make money out of you, etc.

    But be very careful, take the immigration lawyer advise and let the lawyer present your case in proper way. It all depends how your case gets presented. any small mistake can get you deported. so make sure your lawyer is experienced and know how to present this type of case.

    good luck.

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