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    Default Missed Citizenship Interview date!!! Need advice

    Hi Guys,
    I had a Citizenship interview scheduled for Dec 3rd,08, but somehow it was struck in my mind that my interview is on Dec 5th, 08.
    I missed this.
    Need advice, what next can be done. How to move forward. ic alled USCIS they told that I should wait for the now show notice and respond to that then they will plan to reschedule it.
    Anybody gone through the similar situtation.
    Any information will be a great help.
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    Default Missed Citizenship Interview!!! Need Help(Update)


    Feb 3rd 2009.
    Guys I sent letter to the USCIS explaining the reason about how this happened. In few days I got the letter with the new date. Although the whole process got delayed by two months. I had my interview scheduled today in the morning. My interview took about 10 minutes usual questions, then I got the letter of congratulations stating that I have passed the test. After a while I was handed over the second letter stating that I have the oath ceremony today for the naturlization. I completed that and finally got the US Citizenship certificate.

    I approached this forum thinking I will get some help. But thankyou everyone. I am posting my reply to let you know that it's not that bad as I had read in so many forums that once you miss your citizenship date its a big disaster. I will still recommend to be careful and don't miss the first chance else it will add some time to the process. It added two months to my process even after the peak holiday time, it could have been faster if it was not the holiday season.

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    Default Missed citezenship interview

    Had an appointment today and missed. Got also confussed with the dates. Glad I found this information. I will write the letter and send it asap. Thank you.

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    Default Missed interview

    I MISSED MY Naturalizaton Interview! and i dont know what to do! How can i Re-schedule my interview? And how long it take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericka View Post
    I MISSED MY Naturalizaton Interview! and i dont know what to do! How can i Re-schedule my interview? And how long it take?
    I would schedule an Infopass appointment immediately at your local USCIS office and talk to an agent in person about this matter.
    Looks like you need to send a letter to USCIS explaining why you missed your interview and ask them to give you a new appointment.

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