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Thread: I-751 evidence

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    Nov 2006

    Question I-751 evidence

    I will be preparing my i-751 application in March. I read through the list of evidence that needs to be submitted. I spoke a lawyer and she suggested that I do not need "affidavit letters from at least 2 people who have known us for at least 2 years".
    I am confused. If it is not required, then why is it on the list? I do have rest of the documents ready.

    I will appreciate of anyone who might have submitted their i-751 or any related experience and will shed some light.

    Thank you.

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    Sworn Affadavits can only HELP your case. I have NO idea why your atty said they were not needed (unless you have other concrete, hard evidence for support). If you are filing without the aid of an attorney, I would include the affadavits. Just my opinion.

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    Smile I am have the same question


    I was also told the same thing about the affidavits not being required since we have bank, insurance, utility bills, tax returns, health insurance, credit cards and lease.

    Not sure whether I can also include some photos. What do you think?

    Arrival US: September 2006
    Married: February 2007
    Sent docs: 5 March 2007
    Receipt: 7 March 2007 in Chicago
    Biometrics appt: 9 April 2007
    Appt date received: 27 May 2007( July 11th)
    Work permit received: 29 May 2007
    Got Approved for Greencard : July 11th
    Received GC: 8August 2007

    Applying for I751 14 April 2009

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    Totally include pictures with your application. As many pictures of you and your spouse with friends, family, co-workers at things like parties and gatherings.
    These will help prove that you have been in public together and recognized by other people as husband and wife.

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    Exclamation Also Filing I-751 in April 2009

    I wanted to find someone filing the form at approx. same time.
    I'm sending the form I-759 to remove the conditions on my residence on Saturday, 18th. Consecuently, it'll arrive there on the 20th. I have it ready to send now but I called immigration and they said not to send it before the date, for it might be sent back to me. Well, i don't want to get them in bad spirits with mine
    I 'm definitely sending the 2 sworn to affidavits plus a bunch of pictures. Cover letter is also important to help it look more organized with an index so it's clear to read.
    good luck!
    Last edited by nenapooh; 07-19-2009 at 12:31 AM.

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    Talking I-797 C Receipt Notice

    Well, seems sooner than expected!
    -April 18th 2009 sent the I-751 C ( with the supporting documents)
    -May 6th 2009 Got the receipt Notice letting me know that I will get a appointment notice ASC by mail in order to process my petition. My biometrics will be taken.
    -May 28th 2009 Got the ASC Appointment Notice for june 2009

    So far so good (fingers crossed)
    - July 18th 2009 Today I FINALLY recieved my permanent resident card. WOW!
    Last edited by nenapooh; 07-19-2009 at 12:25 AM. Reason: Adding Info.

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    Is an interview / biometrics required again during I-751 ? Without having kids together or owning a house I think more proof is required ( affidavits ) for 751.

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    Default I filed in Ca.

    Well, I believe not in California. I know certain states like Florida would have a more strict process, with not only one but maybe two interviews. We don't own a home and we don't have kids yet; however, I sent my application with a lot of evidence plus pictures perfectly organized by chronological order and 3 affidavits.

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    Default please help

    I was looking for a long time someone who can help me to fill my I-751, I have to send my documentation this month and I need to know about the pictures they require...passport photos or family and friends along to us to prove our relationship...I will appreciate your help.

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    Default I-751

    one more question, what do I have to write on Country of Citizenship, I am from Mexico, that's my County of Birth, should I write the same country???

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