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    Default Immigration check in India


    My wife is planning to travel to India after our Visa got expired and when my L1petition is in pending status. Will there be any issues when she reaches India from India immigration team? My assumption is that there will not be a problem because she is traveling to her home country with a valid passport, but please let me know if there will be any issue.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    That is no problem.
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    Default Immegration Help

    Hi Got USA VISA but my passport says ECR. do i need to apply for ECNR or its not required at all.

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    Default Oasis Immigration Network

    Hi Got USA VISA but my passport says ECR do i need to apply for ECNr or its not required at all.

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    Angry need help

    hii i am indian passport holder...last time i go kathmandu to visit my friends...and from there we all friends make plan to visit bangkok, so i had taken a flight from kathmandu to bangkok and it is not allowed to take flight to another country from nepal immigration but i had taken....so now from bangkok i m directly taking flight to indian so is there any problem for me in indian immigration??

    reply me friends?

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    Jcyber Guest

    Default Usa visa

    Hi Got USA VISA but my passport says ECR do i need to apply for ECNr or its not required at all.

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