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    Default I765 RFE received - INS updates RFE response to wrong case number - urgent please adv


    Here is a summary of my case.
    I had applied for I485, I 140 and I 765 and My wife had applied for I 140 and I 765. ( concurrent processing )

    On I 765 :-
    For me Immigration had asking for a copy of the biographical and photo identification pages in the passport

    For my wife, Immigration had asked for a copy of our marriage license.
    ( Both the RFE where for I 765 (EAD) )

    The documents where sent to INS accordingly with the RFE they had sent not mentioning the case numbers any place.

    My wifes EAD has come.

    Later on in the online web site - at USCIS.org... i saw my case status and noticed that they had updated my I 485 Case with the following

    "On September 14, 2004, we received your response to our request for evidence or information. It is taking between 850 and 900 days for us to process this kind of case. However because preliminary processing was complete, the remaining processing time will be less than the maximum stated in this message. You will receive a written decision on this case. "

    But my I 765 status still was showing

    "On August 19, 2004, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case. The notice explains in detail what additional material is needed. If you have questions about the notice, what is required, or if 14 days have passed and you have not received the notice, please call the National Customer Service Center at (800) 375-5283"

    I am under the impressing that they have updated the wrong case number.

    Can any one please advice on the same

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    Default re

    You should call them asap....at the number they've given.

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    We have seen cases where they send RFE with a different case number . This confusion is happening with concurrent filings. Call and write to them ASAP with a copy of RFE and all the supporting documents you sent before ( Certified with a return receipt). Call them 2-3 times and follow up. The will usually send a letteri 30 days with updates Good Luck!

    This is not a legal advice

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