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    Default DS-5501 DV Entry form: Question regarding my education level.

    On part 12 of the DS-5501 it asks the question:
    What is the highest level of education you have achieved, as of today?

    I'm from South Africa and I have a National Diploma from the Technicon Pretoria in Information Technology. In order for me to have qualified to study for this I had to have finished school. Meaning I had to have a Senior Certificate (equal to a High School Diploma with degree in the US) to be able to study for the 3 year course.

    In what category below does my education level fall?
    * Primary school only
    * High School, no degree
    * High School degree
    * Vocational School
    * Some University Courses
    * University Degree
    * Some Graduate Level Courses
    * Master's Degree
    * Some Doctorate Level Courses
    * Doctorate Degree

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    Mar 2009


    I would same "some university" based on the equivalent kind of institution in Jamaica where i am from.

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    Default Registerd nurse

    4 years study
    I have 10 years hospital expirience

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