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    Default I-94 Renewal process


    Any one please help me how can I get my I-94 renewal in USA.
    I've my valid I-797 upto Aug'06. When I enter US last time in Oct'03
    Immigration office has given me I-94 valid upto June'05 as my passport is
    getting expire on June'05. Now I got my passport renewed for 10 more years.

    Please let me know if any of you guys know went thru this process.


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    An I94 is not renewable it is only replacable if lost,

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    Smile I-94 renewal (correction)

    Hi Everyone,
    To all those who are looking out for the info of I-94 renewal (better to say correction).
    First of all let me tell you abt my case :

    I was working for a employer A whose I-797 (valid till 23-Jul-2009)and H1-B visa was valid till 30-SEP-2009 ,meanwhile I transferred my H1 to another employer, it got approved and is valid till Aug-2011.
    When the approval was in progress I went to india on 04-Oct-2008 , and the H1-B to the employer B got approved a day before I left US ie. on -03-Oct-2008.
    While returning back I came on the old I-797 with employer A, as I was not having the new I-797 with employer B, so my I-94 got the date as 30-Sep-2009(normally the I-94 date is the expiry date of I-797 but the CBP officer gave the date of my H1-B expiry) anyways ....when I came back I joined my new employer from 04-Nov-2008.

    I went to the CBP office today at JFK airport and asked them that I need a I-94 correction (the word correction is imp dont ask for a renewal).
    The officer didnt asked me any question, took my passport and the new I-797 and gave the I-94 with corrected date , now my I-94 is valid till Aug-2011.( I went to the Newark CBP office the officer was rude and refused to give me the new I-94).

    So cheers guys, go to the nearest CBP office and kindly ask them,prefer to go to JFK airport,The address is "1st floor terminal 8 ".

    Good luck.

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    Default I94 Correction

    When you got your I94 corrected, that time you must have had your VISA stamped for Employer A, right? So, what docs you presented to get your I94 correction? Only H1B petition from Employer B is enough?

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