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    Default H1b approved but not stamped. Can I sponser my parents?

    Hi All,
    I switched from L2 to H1B on Oct 2009 and my I-797 expires in 2012. I have not been to India for H1 stamping yet and due to current scenario with H1's , am not planning to go to India soon.
    Can I sponsor my parents visa, even though my H1 is not stamped?

    Please let me know.


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    Your visa has nothing to do with their application except that the VO may want to see your permitted stay in the US as a justification for their trip.
    Since you are legally permitted, you can invite them to the US. Anyone can fund their trip.

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    Thanks immihelp & kabkaba,
    This relieved me a lot. Had planned to go to India in March 2010 but after hearing all news about H1 had to cancel my trip and was felling really upset all this while for not being able to meet them for long now.
    Then it striked to me & my spouse if i could call them here without stamping and i wanted to know the same and immihelp.com is the best place for your issues..

    Thanks a lot..

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