Just from my personal experience of passport renewal at NY consulate.
Make sure you carry a copy of all the supporting documents, if submitting in person.


Make sure you photo is bright enough, size 2 X 2


Enter the amount paid for passport and the mode of payment

1. (a) Full name (expanded initials)
Surname - (You enter in online and it comes on the pdf once you save it)
Given name - (You enter in online and it comes on the pdf once you save it)

(b) Enter NA
(c) Enter NA
(d) Email address (you enter it online)
Daytime US phone number
Mobile number

2. Date of birth
Place of birth
Country (Enter your state name)
Height (in cms)
Colour of eyes
Color of hair
Visble distinguishing marks
(All these details you will be entering online)

3. (a) Permanent address (this will be printed in the passport)
(b) Current US address

4. (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) all entered online

5. Entered online

6. Entered online

7. Contact name and address of the person in US

8. Entered online

9. US driving license, date and place of issue

10. Qualification (You can keep a copy of your degree certificate)

11. When did you first leave India and when were you last in India

12. Duration of stay in US

13. ECNR

14. Current profession and office address, phone number in US

15. By birth

16. NA

17. No

18. No

19. Name and Address of 2 persons you know in US

20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. All of them you can enter NA across them

26. Sign and write the date and place


2. NIL
13. NA
14. You can give your father and mother's name and your address as in Q 8
15. NA
Other entries are self-explanatory