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    Default our first interview failed!!! need help

    we got our ! 485 interview today. we was so stressed and we maked some mistakes. the immigration officer told us that we just have 2 or 3 failed response. my wife have 2 tatoo and she was so stressed she said one. things like that.

    the immigration officier told that we will have a letter to let us know if the interview is ok or if they need more documents. please help us. what can be the next for us. is it very serious? what can we do?

    Thanks alot

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    Default If 1st interview really failed you will get 2nd interview

    If the 1st interview really failed, you will receive the letter notifying when the 2nd interview will be. Make absolute sure to practice possible questions and answers using the sample questions for the fraud interview section of Immihelp. My husband was too confident and taking it so lightly (we didn't know it was so serious) that we failed the 2nd one, and it has cost us lots of money and time, and emotionally drained, but in different perspective, it made us stronger. We think this time we got it, though. The officer this time was a lot nicer. It was interesting that he had us draw pictures of our bedrooms other than many questions that are quite similar to the ones in the sample questions in Immihelp. Read this immihelp section like your bible, and practice. Three dings (you and your spouse answer differently on three questions) will fail you, and some officers will continue questioning until you make three dings... Our first officer definitely did.

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    Default same here...

    Hey I am in your shoes too as in...I went for the 1st interview and we missed over 3 questions and its been 4 weeks and am still waiting...Thanks for the reply....at least they are not kicking us out...we should keep in touch.

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    You`ll probably have 2nd interview. We were in the similar situation.

    June 2007 - 1st interview - we were separated, asked about 50 question, missed 3 of them; were told to wait for the decision (she did not say how long)

    August 2007 - 2nd interview (with the same officer) - we brought a lawyer with us, we were separated again, asked about 100 questions, missed 1 of them (I said we had a TV in the ******* and my husband said in the dining room), were told to wait for the decision

    December 2007 - got denial notice (denied on the base of the 1st interview)

    March 2008 - refilled

    October 2008 - 3rd interview (with another officer) - brought a lawyer with us, were separated, asked a lot of question, did not miss any of them, were told to wait 180 days for the decision (did not get anything, after 14 months we got 4th interview)

    December 2009 - 4th interview (the same officer as 3rd interview) - were separated, asked over 100 questions (the interview took over 3 hours)

    January 2010 - received a permanent green card

    Make sure you bring a lawyer with you for the 2nd interview, he can`t help you but at least he is a victim of what you say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rukadi View Post
    Hey I am in your shoes too as in...I went for the 1st interview and we missed over 3 questions and its been 4 weeks and am still waiting...Thanks for the reply....at least they are not kicking us out...we should keep in touch.
    We were waiting 2 months for the second interview, 6 months for the decision after 2nd interview and 14 months after 3rd interview. Need to mention that we missed 3 questions from like 50 on the first interview.

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    Default Greencard granted

    Finally after 5 years and well over 10G spending on lawyers and traveling, my permanent resident status has been granted.

    alizka, it sounds you went through lot more than my husband and I went through. Hat off to you. To me, it seems stupid that I have to prove love between my husband and I to others that test us in steleotype, but that's how system works. So, those who are going to go through the marriage interviews, please be sure to prepare for 100+ questions... Some are lucky to get easy officers, others are not so lucky and get mean ones.

    We were lucky we could have 2nd chance. My first attoney didn't recommend to re-file the petition after our 2nd interview failed, because he had other client whose re-file didn't even get accepted. I was recommended to ask immigration judge for voluntary departure due to my overstay (I didn't think the first petition would fail...). I refused to leave the country. My husband and I believed we could fight for it here as we are true couple. We changed the attoney and re-filed the petition and it got accepted. But after receipt notice we waited for two years to get 3rd interview. I had to appear in court 3 times by the 3rd interview. 3rd interview officer was a lot nicer. This time we were well prepared thanks to our attoney, too.

    My husband and I appeared in court for the last time. I was the one that was going to be questioned by the USCIS lawyer and the judge, but again thanks to my attoney who prepared document very well, USCIS lawer didn't have any questions, and the judge just asked how long my husband and I have been married. The judge decided to grant me unconditional permanent residency, since we have been married for 5 years.

    I sincerely hope no one would go through what we went through. It has been tough. Please avoid living separately at all cost, if you can, if you want the process to go smooth. USCIS officers don't like this. You may end up suffering like us.

    Now my husband and I have freedome to visit other countries. No more losing job because EAD expires and renewed one gets lost in mail. We are free at last!

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    Best wishes!

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    Default Congratulations...

    Hey Sheri

    congratulations on your GC. sometimes these people make it difficult, and I am glad you went for it, its not every lawyer that is knowledgable in the issue of immigration. but glad you pulled through.

    well done...

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    We failed from the interview with couple questions , then they sent us a letter says , u need to satisfy us why you answered these missing questions by showing some proves . Then we sent our letter with the right explanations for these couple questions that we answered wrong with more marriage documents and proves to satisfy them .
    After 3 months we got a letter which was saying your application declined because we never heard from u . We sent our letter with certified mail and they received and signed it . But after a while they lost it and declined our marriage . Then I got an interview right away to hand our papers to the officer over there . But they didnt accept from hand . Then I sent one more time with certified mail to them which they received and signed for it.
    Now , we have been waiting for 6 months and didnt hear anything from them because of their mistake . Is there anybody have an idea what can be happen?

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