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    Smile I-129 & I-130 both approved

    Hi, My husbands I-129 and I-130 both got approved. anyone has idea what wil be the next step and how long it takes to get paperwork to the Consulate in Nepal. Oh.. and FYI might be late info but..........

    Important Notice: Effective February 1st, 2010, when both the I-129F petition for a nonimmigrant K visa and the I-130 petition for an IR-1 (or CR-1) spouse of a U.S. citizen visa have been approved by USCIS and sent to the National Visa Center (NVC), the availability as well as the need for a nonimmigrant K-3 visa ends. If the NVC receives both petitions:

    The nonimmigrant K visa will be administratively closed.
    The application process explained below will not be applicable and cannot be used.
    The NVC will contact the petitioner and you with instructions for processing your IR-1 (or CR-1) immigrant visa.

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    Jan 2010


    Congrats! How long did it take for both to be approved? It might be useful for others here. Ours took 2.5 months. Cheers

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    It took exactly 3months for I 130 and 2.5 months for I 129F. But both approved on the same day.

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    Smile I-129 & I-130 both approved

    Just to update guys

    10 days after approval of I-129 and I-130, NVS sent me a letter stating, since both were approved they have closed I-129 and will process for Immigrant visa. 4/20 I paid AOS fee and sent them I-864 form, but haven't heard anything yet.
    I wonder how long will NVC take to process immigration visa?

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    congrats FAM

    I have a quick questions for you.

    You have mentioned that the I-130 filed by you has been approved and that USCIS has forwarded your file to NVC. Now you have also mentioned that you have filed for AOS ...why so ?? Isn't the NVC supposed to get back to the beneficiary or is ur spouse already in the US and is trying for the AOS ?



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    AoS, I mean to say Affidavit of Support.

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    Default 130 and i129f Approved together

    Dear Friends,

    My application form i130 and i129f Approved together at 3 Feb 2009, now my lawyer said that they will process imgrant visa (i130) not K3(i129F), any one please tell me that how much time i have to wait....

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    Default 130 and i129f Approved together

    Dear Qasim,
    I am little confused on your approval date. Was it Feb 3rd 2009 or 2010??
    FYI, My husband I-129 and I-130 both approved on April 13th 2010 and NVC is still working on it, paid IV fee and need to send them my husbands and mine original documents in couple days and don't know how long they will take to send doc to embassy. I hope this will give you some time frame. Yah, if both are approved together your I-129 will be closed and NVC will process for I-130 (Immigrant Visa).

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