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    Default Here is DUBAI PCC application procedure

    Hi ex-UAE residents,
    I have seen many people asking the procedure for getting a PCC from Dubai. It is really a pain in the A--. It took nearly 4-5 months to get.
    Here is the process to get the Good Conduct Certificate (PCC) from the Dubai Police. I have written an email and they responded to me and I have pasted the email below.
    To start with:
    1. Go to to your local police station and get your finger prints done on the finger printing card. Usually they have it.
    2. It must be attested by a Court clerk. I found a lady who was in the police station itself.
    3. Then your signature must be notorized by a notary.
    4. You have to send the finger print card to your state's secretary of state to have them authenticate. Contact your state's secretary of state for the exact procedure. There is a fee for this.
    5. After you get this, you have to send it to US Secretary of state in Washington to get it authenticate (Collen Powell had signed mine). There is a fee for this. Check http://www.state.gov/m/a/auth/
    6. After you get it from Washington, again send it to the UAE embassy in Washington for their attestation. Again there is a fee for this. Check http://uae-embassy.org and call them.
    7. Finally you have to send this to the below address in Dubai with a covering letter and the draft. They will reply after 3 months, until then cross your finger.
    Hope this helps you guys.
    In general, the following documents are required from all persons applying from
    a. Passport copies to indicate the full particulars including U.A.E. residence visa
    b. two passport-size., personal photos.
    c. Records of Finger-Prints, taken by a government agency, on the proper finger-prints cards or format and duly attested by the U.A.E. embassy.
    d. A Bank Draft of U.S.$30/-, favoring Dubai Police General H/Q., towards the Good Conduct Certificate fee.

    A complete set of the documents should be sent, preferably by a courier, at
    The following address:-
    Good Conduct Certificate Section,
    C.I.D., Building,
    Dubai Police.
    Tel: 00971 4 201 3484
    email: good_contact_cer@dubaipolice.gov.ae

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    Unhappy Clarification on Dubai PCC

    Hi there,

    I lived in Dubai for 1.5 years and I have a pending loan to be in cleared.

    Now, I would like to apply for a DUbai PCC as I am processing for a AU PR living in India. Can any of u pls advise if this will be mentioned on the Dubai PCC?

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