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    Default Lawyer for Family Based Green Card Application


    I'm a GC holder since 1984 through my previous marriage to American. I lived in US and never left US no more than 2 weeks for 3 times. However, I left US to come to UK in 2007. I had all the intentions to go back to US and never wanted to give up my GC status but many bad things that I had not forseen happened after I came to UK and I couldn't just go back to US. I am now married to UK citizen and have temporary spouse visa. The 1st temporay visa for 2 years just expired early this month so I applied for extension. I do not wish to obtain UK permanent residency because I have no plan to settle here permanently. I have 2 children in US who are Americans by birth. They are both over 21 years and I was granted a full and exclusive custody after divorce was filed back in early 1990's.

    So this is my back ground. I have consulted a few dozens of lawyers and they all say that I have lost GC status. My options are either applying for 'Returning Resident Status' or "Family Based Green Card'.

    Although I have not retained a lawyer yet I am thinking that perhaps it is better if I was represented. But they are costly, I know. One of the reasons that I got pretty much stuck in UK was because of financial reason.

    Do any of you hire lawyer for family based GC process? I am wondering what the 'average' attorney fee in general for this type of Visa application.

    My kids are not yet financially stable but I have someone willing to file I-864 as a joint sponsor. With my children being US citizens by birth and have a joint sponsor also now has US citizenship and I lived in US for 27 continuously (worked, paid tax and all that) and have no criminal records, will there be any chance that they will deny our petion for family based GC. Or under this circumstance, will I have any chance with "Returning Resident Status"?

    Going forward, with family base GC application, will I have to be in "Japan' instead of UK?

    I've been brain storming about all of these for nearly 30 months non stop.

    Any advice will be appreciated and helpful.

    Thank you for reading my post.

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    Default know the status

    Hi sir,
    i am Neeraj Rattan Sikander. my priority date is 06 june 2006. My case no is NWD2009752100. Please let me know how many time it will take now. i'll be very thankful to you.

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    May 2006


    Sorry.. prediction of movement of priority dates is currently a speculative / psychic response so I do not think anyone but a Quak can tell you exactly when you date may become current.

    This is the reality.

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