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    Default Visa Packet Opened

    My k1 visa and passport has been delivered today along with the Visa Packet or Yellow envelope. My big problem is: I accidentaly opened the Visa Packet (which is not supposed to be opened) as warning by the embassy. Opening the visa packet would mean encountering difficulties in any US port of entry or not be allowed to enpalne.

    Please help or advise me what is the right thing to do. Shall I calll the embassy or go ahead with my trip and have problem at the Immigration in US?

    Your advise will be highly appreciated. Thank you

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    Call Embassy...I read somewhere that immigrant oficer can back people which have opened envelope....

    Good luck....and write to us..

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    May 2006


    Dude they tell you a half a dozen times NOT TOO.... ichy fingers I presume.

    You must get in touch with the consulate, I think there will be a fee involved with getting it sealed again.

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    Jun 2009
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    I would call the embassy about getting it resealed.

    My Fiancee arrived here on a K-1 VISA.
    Conditional GreenCard has been received.

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    Default Thank's for your advise

    I will call the embassy. I'll keep you posted for the outcome. Thank's everyone.

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    You should contact the Embassy- they will reseal the packet for no additional charge.

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    Default yes i called embassy

    yes i called the embassy call center, I will go there next week and have it resealed. No fees to be paid according to the call agent. We'll see. I will be charged only with the long distance call lol.

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    Default Got it

    Hi guys, the embassy resealed my visa packet without payment. But they warned me that if it will happen again, they will not reseal it again.

    This visa packet is like is like a diamond, I have to keep and embrace it all throughout my travel. LOL

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    You didn t tell us what is in yellow envelope? ;-) I m sure that you saw;-D

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    May 2006


    Basically its your entire case file, nothing extraordinary..

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