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    Default Re-entry Permit for multiple short trips

    I have had green card for three years. I made multiple overseas trips as required by my US job for doing business. Non of which was more than three months and accumulatedly the overall length of staying outside US was less than 50% (1.5 years) in the past three years. I did not have problem in coming back to US until recently one immigration officer at airport suggested me to apply for re-entry permit. He also said that he will make a remarks in my record. I read the instructions of I-131. It says that re-entry permit is basically for those who want to stay outside US for more than one year. I do not intend to do that and want to keep my future trips short but frequently, as required by my US job. Shall I apply for re-entry permit now?

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    Default HAD EXACTLY the same conversation with officer

    I too had exactly the same conversation with the officer ....I am little anxious about my future trips and what type of conversations/decisions will be made. If you do get any advice here or outside, please publish and I will do the same.

    I too have to continue on these trips and looks like an unnecessary burden as all the other things are in line, meaning my family is here, pay taxes every year, own a house, am paying for the house/cars etc every month, have a business in US etc.

    Thank you immihelp for this wonderful site and if you can help out here it will be great.

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    Default i am in same situation...

    HI folks i am in same situation. I recently got my green card. I work in London. I am entering first time on a Gc in May2011. I will be there for a month. Then come back to London in June 1st week.
    My company is going to transfer me to US in Jan 2012. I read I 131 and what i infer is only if my stay out side US is going to be longer then a year..i would need a re-ent permit. This is so annoying as our careers are at stake..as it is the job situation in US is not stable..and we cant say no to Business trips..

    Lets be in touch. However please advise if i shud file for a re ent permit or tke a short trip to US again in Sept-oct

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    Hello Mehta_agm1979,

    Thanks for inviting me to this forum (from familybasedimmigration).

    I am planning to drive to US in the month of June, file the application, and return back to Canada after few days. I will be flying back to US in July.

    Hopefully there isn't anything wrong with this strategy.

    I guess its very important for me to know when to drop off /file the application so that I can time it right. I will like to leave US in July as soon as the Biometrics are done.

    Please let us know of your timelines (when you file the app and when you received the Biometrics).

    Also, can we file the electronic version of the application? Or, do we have the option to request an EXPEDITE process using electronic filing?

    Thanks!!! Sam

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    Sam I think it states in the instructions you cannot expedite if you file electronically

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