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    Default Consular processing steps and forms

    My husband and I are trying to get things ready to apply for my MIL's green card. We've decided to apply while she is in India, because consular processing seems to be the easier way to go. We are having a hard time finding an exact step-by-step process of how it works, and exactly what forms are needed (even here on the immihelp site, it is not very clear. There is more than one kind of affadavit of support form, and again it is not clear which one to use). Here is what I think we need to do and the forms we'll need--can anyone confirm? Also, if we are filing it this way, with her living in India, is it automatically consular processing, or do we have to do something else to make it consular processing?

    1. First of all, we send USCIS Chicago a packet with form I-130 for petition (with $420 fees) and I-864 (no fees)

    2. Then they assign us an application number and send MIL's case to the
    New Delhi Embassy...then they call her in and ask her to submit other documents like G-325A, I-693 (medical) etc.

    3. Then she goes back and submits all the filled forms and I-693 report from the doctor and then they call her again at a later date for the final interview.

    4. In the final interview, MIL also takes more documents/photos/etc. to show her relationship with my husband, etc.

    5. If approved, then they would provide her a packet for the GC which she has to show at the port of entry in US and before coming she has to apply for her immigrant visa. I think she can also submit the immigrant visa application at the time she gets approved in the interview.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    and then


    If you don't find that clear enough, you are extremely unlikely to find any better instructions anywhere.
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