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    Default Question for Filing divorce after getting Citizenship !

    Hello !!

    I came to US on the basis of marriage to US citizen. Its been almost 5 years of our marriage.Our marriage is complitely genuine and real. We have all proof in the form of our marriage life documents which can prove our marriage real.

    I am already done with bio-metrics appointment and now i am waiting for my interview. But since 1 year me and my citizen wife are having hard time to get along with eachother for all issues. Its impossible for me to spend more time with her under same roof. We both have a same feeling for that but we never discuss these issue in a detail manner. We are still living like spouse. Plus i am waiting for my citizenship too.

    Now my question is:-

    1. Once i get my citizenship can i immidiatly file divorce petition ?
    2. Is it going to be any problem in my status , if i file divorce immidiatly after citizenship?
    3. Will USCIS can revoke or cancel my citizenship on the basis of divorce petition?
    4. Do I need to wait for specific numbers of months to file divorce after getting c'ship for safer side?

    I would appriciate your reply,

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Good question

    I also have the exact same question buddy

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    I think once you get your citizenship they cant do anything. Its yours and i have never heard of a person who lost a citizenship because of the divorce. And anyway i dont think they are going to follow up on you (just doesnt make sense)

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    Default Hello

    Thanks for reply...i also did some survey before and after posting this thread and every time i got i reply that once you became i citizen , your status couldnt be changed. The only thing is needed is your marriage should be real and no fraud. Plus you should have enough documents of your marriage life to prove your marriage real.

    Please keep writing..

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    Yes they want a lot of proof. Tax returns and bank accounts are not enough. I had my test taken in February and i passed the test but they needed more proof of me being married to my hubby. Even tho my marriage is real and I am not planning on divorcing him we did not have a lot of stuff in our names so now I have to go back in April to proof our marriage is real..So get together as much as you can...
    Good luck

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    Default I am in same situation as you were in 2011

    Hi manish, I am also going through rough time with my spouse.please can you advice the effects of divorce after naturalization. Thanks I'm advance

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    Default I am in same boat now..

    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua Kim View Post
    Hi manish, I am also going through rough time with my spouse.please can you advice the effects of divorce after naturalization. Thanks I'm advance
    Hello Guys,

    I am in same boat now. I just became US citizen and My husband and I are also going through rough time. Though we live under one roof, but we hardly talk to each other now. Please can advice how was divorce experience for you guys.

    Thanks in advance!!

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