My main concern is I have applied for Tier 2 dependant Visa on March , where in I hae submitted 2 months original bank statements and 1 month internet printed one.

I was given Refusal of entry clearance under E.(paragraph 319H (g) of HC 395 as amended) " am unable to consider these documents for evidence of funds from bank as they are internet printed copies.

Now am submitting original bank statement and re -applying them.I have done a mistake while filling the initial application , I have stated that am unemployed but infact am employed in IT firm and also I was rejected L1-B visa in 2009 which was not mentioned in my first application.

Now my question is can I say YES for my employment details and L1-B visa rejection as am not willing to get another refusal.

Please suggest me what best can I do to get my Visa as dependant