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    Default i got 221g in the consulat plz help

    I am a frome morocco and my wife applied CR1 visa . my interview was good and i answer all the question at casablanca embassy. but The consulate gave me wight paper said .this office regrets to inform you that it is unable to issue a visa to you because you have benn found ineligible to recieve a visa under the section 221g of the immigration and nationality act the information contained in the paragrapghs

    section 221g which prohibits the issuance of a visa to anyone whose application does not comply with the provisions of the immigration and nationality act or regulations issued pursuant thereto the following remarks apply in your case
    we will return your application and petition to the department of homeland security united states citizenship and immigration service any further inquiries regarding application

    so what i have to do now
    and what the next step
    and how much time this section 221 g will take
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    i would say, if you are truelly married just hire good lawyer at US.
    everything gonn be fine just need patience....
    try to gather all documents which shows you both have realation ship togather... like phone details including numbers and time durations. joint ownerships, joint bank account, pictures of both of you togather at different locations. money transfer to your beloved or from your beloved.
    before you hire good lawyer contact USCIS first.

    i hope every trully married couples meets without waits.........

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    my husband has an interview 16 may 2012. I'm here in US hoping it all goes well. DO they give you any other info as to WHY you couldn't get a VISA Immigrant? It sounds very vague. I wish you guys the best!

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    sorry but couldnt understand your question, please explain.

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