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    Default L1 Blanket vs L1 Individual vs H1 Individual


    My wife employer is going to file her L1B (I Don't know whether it is Blanket or individual) But i want to know Which one is best / easy to get as my L2 will also be filed? What is the possibility of a wife getting L1 along with her husband getting L2?

    Nowadays as the L1 rejection rate is too high and so her employer was initially looking to file H1 for her. But we requested L1 and after some days they agreed for L1 filling. We are under great expectations with lots of dreams and we don't want to miss this opportunity it is long awaited one for both of us.

    If L1 is rejected for some reason then it will be very sad for us. Then we would worry that atleast we could have apply for H1 (Dont know how long they will take file H1 for her if L1 fails)

    Can some one suggest us are we doing right thing by ignoring H1 and requesting L1? Which is east L1Blanket / L1 Individual / H1 Individual)
    is it ok to try L1 or L1 will be a sure reject so should we ask for H1 itself?
    Some one please share your thoughts on which is Best fit for our scenario?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there,

    Very recently my L1 Blanket Visa was rejected during visa stamping and some of my colleagues also had their same visa rejected. Looks like US embassy has its eye on blanket visa and so are not approving it easily.

    Now I got my L1 individual petition approved and have to go for stamping (praying for it to get approved).
    My company was going to file for my H1 but I convinced them to file for L1 as in that case my spouse will get L2 and thus can work in US after getting EAD from USCIS. If company had filed for my H1, my spouse would get H4 thus would not be legally allowed to work there.

    I think L1 and H1 both have same chances of approval/rejection everything depends on your papers in hand, your luck and officer's mood.

    To get things work fast apply in premium processing which can be done for both L1 and H1 visa. In Premium processing some extra fees has to be paid (I think it is 1000 dollars) and you get result of your petition from USCIS within 15 days, of course unless you get RFE (request for evidence) in between in which case your
    petition will be suspended until you submit additional documents. After you submit your documents day counting will resume.

    Good luck
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