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Thread: terminated I-20

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    Default terminated I-20


    My F1 visa got terminated by my school by mistake. The school told me that once they enter the termination notice in the 'SEVIS' system, INS would not accept when it gets reversed at a later point. Is this true? Does anybody have any experience with this?

    Instead, my school offered to fix the situation by issuing a new I-20 and have me re-enter the country. They told me that I don't have to get a new F1 visa sticker in my passport from the consulate. But then I would enter the US with an I-20 that shows a different SEVIS number from the one on my F1 visa sticker in my passport. Is this going to be accepted by the Immigration officer when i reenter the country?

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default My INS appointment

    I had an INS appointment in the meanwhile. And they confirmed that a different SEVIS numbers on I-20 and the F-1 visa sticker in my passport is a problem. But this is the solution proposed by the school. The schools solution was to issue a new I-20 with a different SEVIS number on it and re-enter the country using the current F-1 visa sticker in my passport. And NOT go to the consulate to get a new F-1 visa sticker with a SEVIS number matching the one on the new I-20.

    Instead INS indicated that when I want to pursue this option I should get a new F-1 visa sticker from the consulate abroad. This basically means that I have to re-apply for a new student visa with the risk of being denied. Considering that my current I-20 was canceled by the school by mistake, I am reluctant to take this risk. My basic attitude is that it is the school's fault and they should fix it. And they should fix it without putting at risk of losing my opportunity to continue studying in the US.

    So I am wondering if the other option my school gave me ***'t the better way. This option would be to have the school go into the SEVIS system and reverse the cancelation. But this would require confirmation by INS. Does anybody have any experience with this process? How does it typically take and what's the risk of being denied by INS in the end? Would I be considered out of status while the case is pending on the confirmation by the INS?

    In general, how much time do you get granted in the US after your visa is terminated? Is it four weeks? Are they very strict with these timelines? Or can I stay let's say eight weeks and it would be still ok? I guess what I am trying to find out here is if INS is going to mark my records with having stayed illegal as soon as stay just one day past the offical grace period.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    hello, what did you do?

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