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    Default Information needed on B1 in Lieu of H1B


    I am a Software Engineer in an IT firm based out of Noida.
    On September 2010, I got my B1 visa stamped, however I was unable to travel as the project got scrapped. On June 2011, the client wanted me to visit US for a short term training, in addition to it, I was also supposed to work during that period.
    My company issued me an invite stating "Request for entry on a B1 in lieu of H1B" and also provided my credential evaluation document done from the "university Of Maryland, USA"". However in Newark airport, inspite of the valid documents, I was said that a separate B1 in lieu of H1B visa would be accepted in my case else I need to return back with an H1B visa. I was forced to withdraw my B1 visa and was sent back. They had also added that I should have visited the embassy to get the proper Visa which my company disagreed.

    My queries:
    1. Did my company follow the right way to send me to US to work? Should they have applied an B1 in lieu of H1B for me?
    2. Now how do I fix the black mark on my passport?

    Please guide me. I'm in a big fix as I got too confused reading all the materials related to the B1 in lieu of H1B.


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    Thanks Mickey for the information.
    I had already visited the pages..

    My query is "what is the solution for my case?".

    There are problems in applying an H1B for me, what alternative should the company follow to fix my case?

    In addition to it, I would like to know if I join some other company and apply for a VISA from the new company, would that be a problem for me ?

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