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    Default UK visa from USA for F1 student

    I am a graduate student on F1 visa in the USA. I am graduating on 14th Dec, 2011 and will be on OPT thereafter for one year. I have a full time job starting in February.
    I am planning to visit my girlfriend in UK for about 10 days in the end of December. And I have to apply for UK visa.

    I want to know what all documents I need apart from finances, my I20 document. Should I mention to the authorities that I am visiting my girlfriend? or is it too risky. Should I ask her to give me an invitation letter. Or is it better that I just say I am visiting UK for a vacation.

    Also, since I dont have too much finances right now. My bank account balance wont be enough to take care of my trip. Is it okay if I mention a friend in the US as my sponsor for the trip. Or is it okay if I mention my girlfriend as my sponsor?

    Is there something I should be careful about?

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    Anybody can provide funds for your trip. No harm in mentioning the girlfriend and getting an invitation letter from her.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.

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