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    Default Starting Labour certification - without employment

    My current company is not able to start my GC processing. My H1B expires on May 2013. A friend of mine is willing to start my LC even though I am not employed with them. He may or maynot be able to offer employment in future. Can someone help clarify the following:
    -Will my LC get approved ? What are the risks in doing so ?
    -Can I continue to stay beyond my 6 years if my LC gets approved.
    -Can the steps beyond LC ie. I-140, i-485 etc happen through this arrangement ?

    Pl advise. if there are any other ideas for people in my situation pl share.


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    You can very well start the LC through your friend's company as the GC is for future employment.You can also get ur I-140 approved by them....But i am not sure whether your I-485 and stages after that can happen without you being employed.....Many say, you have to work after getting the GC.....

    So, u can very well do the first 2 stages without being employed,,,,,,for the remaining stages you check with an attorney.....


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    Default Gc

    My name is also Raghu and my Visa also expires on 2013 May and my current employer is not processing GC.I was having EB2 140 approved but unfortunately my previous company was closed.
    Please help me if any one can help me to process GC.
    I am ready to pay all the cost for my GC process..

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    Default Need someone who can initaite my GC under future emp.

    I am looking for someone who can initiate or file my GC/PERM under future employment. I am an SAP professional having 9+ yrs exp. Please email me on arv.sap@gmail.com


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