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    Default L1B Stamp Date vs I-129 PED?

    Hello All,

    Sorry for my ignorance if this has already been answered earlier.

    My L1B was approved for 1 year and will expire in Jan 2013. The I-129 Petition expiry date as mentioned in the Visa Stamp on my passport and the petition itself is Dec 2014.

    What dos this mean? Is my VIsa valid only till January 2013?

    What if I am already in the US before that? Does it mean that I need to come back by January 2013?

    What if never went to the US before January 2013?

    I guess you can see that I am completely unaware of this stuff. Can someone please guide me?


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    Default any answers :(


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    Visa expiry is the last date you can travel to the US from outside.
    Petition expiry date is the last day you can work in the US, however blanket petitions do not have expiry dates.
    Whenever you travel to US, you will receive I-94 at the port of entry. The expiry date on I-94 is the duration of permitted stay in the US. Generally, in case of blanket L1, 3 years from the date of entry is given.
    All the three dates above can be different.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.

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    Default L1B Stamp Date vs I-129 PED?

    Your entry to US is determined by the Visa, your stay in the US is determined by the I-94. If the visa stamp in your passport has validity till Jan 2013 then the visa is valid till only Jan 2013 and you can travel only before that day. If you enter US before Jan 2013, the legality of your stay will be determined by I-94 given at the Port Of Entry. I-94 will be stapled with your passport and will have a validity date. You can stay legally in US till the I-94 expiry date. Based on that and your petition you can file for an extension of your L1B while in US. If you dont travel to US before Jan 2013 then you would have to go for a fresh stamping with the petition again and get a new Visa stamping. This is my opinion, do seek expert opinion too.

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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    Thanks kabkaba and raghvi

    Raghvi, your reply does bring in a lot of clarity.


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    Default I-129s /PED expired, valid I-94,L1-B- 2017


    Can any one help on my case.

    I have valid L1B visa and I 94, but my PED is expired. Can I travel to India as I have valid visa or
    Do I need to apply for petition extension/ fresh L1.

    I have Canadian PR too. If at all I apply fresh L1, do you suggest the stamping in Canada/ India.

    Awaiting for the reply.


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