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    Default Apply GC through different employer

    Employer A is holding my h1b visa. Can I ask another employer to file for my Green card? Please suggest.

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    Yes, GC is for future employment. It need not be your H1 sponsor.

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    Default Just a tip:)

    Before getting known what Cglobalstaffing.com is I couldn't even imagine that online recruiting agencies can be that helpful and efficient if you need to hire people for working in REAL LIFE. But it is what it actually is.
    I own a small diner in Colorado and I needed to hire a cashier to work at my place since my old girl got pregnant and she can't work anymore. How great my surprise was when I discovered that there are actually some people from our town registered at that web-site. Well, they're not many, but it's still something, so I hired a kid to work at my place meanwhile my wife is on a maternity leave.

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    Yes, you can.

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